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Northeast African Subgroup

The Antelope Specialist Group is one of more than 120 Specialist Groups that are part of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Antelope SG is the world's leading body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all antelope species. It is a global network of specialists concerned with the conservation, monitoring, management, and study of antelopes. The overall aim of Antelope SG is to promote the long-term conservation of antelopes and their habitats worldwide, and the recovery or restoration of antelope species, populations and communities where feasible. This subgroup is taking on special responsibilty for the Northeast African region (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan). The Horn of Africa is an important hotspot with regard to antelope biodiversity. Several species and subspecies are endemic to this region.

The main objectives of the Antelope Specialist Group are:

  • Highlighting problems of antelope conservation by bringing priorities for action to the attention of national and international conservation agencies and in addition recommending practical solutions and providing technical assistance where requested.
  • Monitoring the status of antelopes, by providing information to the Antelope SG as this information becomes available.
  • Assisting with fund-raising for specific antelope projects.




How to help !?

Any information provided on this webpage can only be as good and up-to-date as such information is made available to our regional subgroup.

Therefore, we kindly seek your assistance by sending in new field reports or any other data on species, regions or countries of concern to our regional subgroup.

Also pictures are very welcome. Please make sure to provide full name and contact details. The support of range state scientists or other interested individuals will be much appreciated.

Please don't hesitate with any questions and comments!

Thank you !



IUCN/SSC/Antelope Specialist Group/Co-chairs:

Dr. Philippe Chardonnet

Fondation Internationale pour la Sauvegarde de la Faune
15 rue de Teheran
Paris, F-75008

Phone: +33 1 5659 7755
Fax: +33 1 456 33294


Dr. David Mallon
Conservation Biologist

Manchester Metropolitan University
3 Acre Street, Glossop, SK13 8JS
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1457 853 560
Fax: +44 1457 852 578




With any questions about the work of this regional subgroup, please contact the:

Regional Coordinator of the IUCN/SSC/Antelope SG - Northeast African Subgroup:

Dr. Jens-Ove Heckel

c/o Director and zoo veterinarian
Zoo Landau in der Pfalz
Hindenburgstrasse 12
D-76829 Landau in der Pfalz

Phone: +49-(0)-6341-137000 Mobile: +49-(0)-172-2479598
Fax: +49-(0)-6341-137009
Email: antelopes(at)landau.de


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