Red duiker

Red Duiker Red Duiker Red Duiker

Cephalophus natalensis (A. Smith, 1834)

French: Céphalophe de Natal
German: Natal-Rotducker
Swahili: Funo, Ngarombwi


There are no subspecies described.


Total length: 80 - 110 cm
Tail length: 9 - 15 cm
Shoulder height: 45 cm
Weight: 10 - 16 kg
Gestation: 7 - 8 months (?)

The tip of the tail of this medium-sized duiker is white and black. It is reddish-brown to deep chestnut overall. C. n. harveyi has a black facial blaze, the centre of the crest is black. The white, tufted ears are black tipped.


The Harvey's duiker is likely restricted to the coastal plains and adjacent interior of Somalia and Ethiopia.


There is little known about this species. They seem to be associated with most forest types and thickets within its range.

Conservation Status

IUCN Red List Category, ver 3.1:

Trend: Decreasing

Ex situ programs/Collection plans:

EAZA RCP status:

  • ??

AZA RCP status:

  • ??

Recommendations/Conservation action



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